The Cabin Pressure Way

Cabin Pressure Spirits are a husband and wife team based in Horsham, West Sussex. Thinking there must be a way to produce a more flavoursome gin, David set about experimenting in the garden shed. A year later, it turned out he was right! The couple rapidly up-scaled production and are busy sharing the results with gin lovers across the region. Read on to find out about the "Nano-Still", and how Cabin Pressure are using vacuum distillation to create gin of the highest quality.

Drop The Temperature

Traditionally, gin is made by boiling a mixture of alcohol and botanical ingredients at high temperature. The botanical-infused vapour is then condensed back to its liquid form and bottled as gin. Convinced there was a way to improve their favourite tipple by avoiding violent boiling of the ingredients, Cabin Pressure borrowed an approach from the science lab to produce gin at a much lower temperature. The result is an exceptionally smooth spirit with a superb depth of flavour.

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