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Horsham Spirit Gin

Horsham Spirit Gin

A celebration of our marvellous hometown!

This remarkably smooth gin combines characteristics of both the ‘Old Tom’ and classic ‘London Dry’ styles. Cubeb berry, orris root, cardamom and black pepper perfectly compliment a prominent juniper base. The label features our own artwork of the Horsham Causeway. Serve with your favourite Indian tonic water and a twist of lime.

We make a donation to our district's charities for every bottle of Horsham Spirit Gin sold - find out more here.

Available in 700ml and 100ml bottles from our stockists and website shop

Horsham Serpent Gin

Horsham Serpent Gin

Legend has it that Horsham’s dragon was slain during the 6th century, yet many years later a ‘strange and monstrous serpent’ was seen again in St Leonards forest...

This gin was developed as a collaboration with Horsham local produce shop and café, Crates Local, with the label featuring our own artistic interpretation of the tale! Aromatic botanicals include pink peppercorn and chilli, with just a hint of orange. Serve in a G&T with orange peel (and a chilli if you dare!) or perhaps try with ginger ale.

Available in 500ml and 100ml bottles from our stockists and website shop.

Cabin Pressure Vacuum Distilled Gin

Cabin Pressure Vacuum Distilled Gin

Cabin Pressure's very first gin!

Low-temperature vacuum distillation gently extracts the natural flavours and subtle sweetness from just 6 carefully selected botanicals. The result is a distinctly clean and refreshing spirit that is equally delicious paired with tonic or sipped neat over ice. Try serving with lemon peel and basil. 


Available in 700ml ceramic bottles and 100ml glass bottles from our stockists and website shop.

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Leonardslee Botanical Garden Gin

Leonardslee Botanical Garden Gin

Inspired by Leonardslee's exquisite blooms, this delectable floral gin was developed in collaboration with Michelin star chef Jean Delport of Leonardslee’s Restaurant Interlude. This is a smooth, delicate, floral gin with notes of rose, lavender, chamomile and honey.

Available in 500ml and 100ml bottles from the gift shops at Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens and our website shop.

Leonardslee garden.jpg

Kissingate black cherry gin

A collaboration with Horsham's Kissingate Brewery and inspired by their multiple award-winning Black Cherry Mild. A delicious combination of mellow black cherry and Chinook hops, which have a subtly sweet fennel-like flavour.

Available in 500ml bottles from our stockists, website shop, and Kissingate Brewery.

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Kissingate Black Cherry Gin
Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
Coffee liqueur.jpg

Cold Brew

Coffee Liqueur

This sumptuous coffee liqueur is made with beans sourced by the Horsham Coffee Roaster that have been delicately roasted in small batches to best highlight the delicious nut, chocolate, and stone fruit notes. Gentle cold brew extraction and careful use of sugar has produced a smooth, rich liqueur that’s sweet, but not too sweet! Enjoy simply over ice or perhaps try an Espresso Martini or White Russian cocktail. If you’re feeling creative, whip up a classic tiramisu or add a little kick to an affogato!

Available in 500ml and 100ml bottles from

our stockists and website shop.

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Limited Editions

limited editions

In addition to our main products, we also make particularly small-batch Limited Editions. These may be products that are only available at certain times of the year due to seasonal ingredients. Recent Limited Editions include our South Downs Rhubarb Gin and Loxwood Meadow Sloe Gin, which both use local fruit.


Please visit our website shop for current availability.

Cabin Pressure Gin Chocolates

Cabin Pressure Gin Chocolates

Created by our friends at artisan chocolatiers, Chococo - a Madagascan origin dark chocolate and fresh Dorset cream ganache infused with fresh rosemary and blended with Cabin Pressure gin. Winner of a Silver International Chocolate Award (British) 2019, a 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2019, and a Bronze Academy of Chocolate Award 2019.

Available from Chococo's chocolate houses in Horsham, Swanage, Winchester and Exeter and from their website.

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