The Nano-Still

The Nano-Still developed by Cabin Pressure is built of laboratory grade borosilicate glass. A vacuum pump reduces the air pressure inside the still to a level similar to that experienced by Concorde at cruising altitude. Under these conditions, evaporation is more easily achieved and distillation can be carried out at close to room temperature. A beautifully crafted Dimroth condenser is cooled to -20°C to capture the precious liquid before it is lost to the atmosphere. Gently bathing the botanicals rather than violently boiling them helps preserve subtle flavours that would be lost using the traditional high temperature approach. It is this key factor that gives Cabin Pressure's vacuum distilled gin its distinctive flavour.


Another way Cabin Pressure go the extra mile to bring you a superior gin experience is by distilling all the botanical ingredients separately in the Nano-Still then blending them back together in exacting proportions. Individual runs from the "Nano-Still" are combined to create a 25 litre batch, which is then fine-tuned to ensure consistency. A single millilitre of distillate from a single botanical can be added if necessary to ensure the perfect blend every time.

Size Isn’t Everything

The Nano-Still, with its tiny 2 litre capacity, is almost certainly one of the smallest in commercial operation anywhere in the world. The precision apparatus allows for unprecedented levels of quality control. The small batch method requires all botanical ingredients to be ground by hand in a pestle and mortar. Not a single substandard cardamom pod or coriander seed is allowed to slip through the net. The botanical ingredients are left to infuse for periods of up to 48 hours before they are distilled, ensuring maximum flavour release.

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