Only The Best

As Cabin Pressure's vacuum distillation approach maximises the flavour that is released from each botanical ingredient, the full flavour results from just 6 carefully selected botanicals - fewer than many other gin brands. Cabin Pressure choose their suppliers carefully and only work with brands with the strongest environmental and ethical standards. 


Polish juniper imparts a piney freshness on the gin while coriander yields both spicy and citrus notes. The unique characteristics of Green Cardamom adds to the depth of flavour, with Angelica Root delivering further earthy tones. Ginger provides a subtle heat while Liquorice offers a mellow sweetness. Interestingly there's no direct citrus component to Cabin Pressure Gin.

A Sign of Quality

Every bottle produced by Cabin Pressure is finished by hand and presented in an elegant ceramic crock. Only when David is 100% satisfied does he individually number and wax seal each bottle. Ceramic is the ideal material for storing gin as it ensures a more stable temperature than glass and protects the product from light.

And When the Gin Runs Out?

Cabin Pressure Spirits believe that recycling is great, but reusing is even better. Because of this we work with a number of our stockists to reuse our bottles over and over again. There are also a huge number of ways of repurposing our crocks, from flower vases to rolling pins, candle holders to soap dispensers.

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